Monday, December 7, 2009

CS-Team is back!

This time just a short imagination: I've seen nearly all Celts-Games this season and the last 3 road-games impressed me most. If the Celts can continue to roll on like that we win it all this season :-) The lucky finish of Kobe in the Heat-game didn't impressed me much - it was as big Free-throw miss of DWade and I hope that the Suns do their job again. Kobe is just a lucky Bastard!

The next game against the Bucks is also a great test (like the Thunder-Game).
If we don't play good at home, we don't proceed at the end. So the time is now,
to blow away these tiny bucks and show some CELTS-POWER ^_°

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

K.G. hot after Buzzer-Beater

Time to bring up the good News ^_°:

K.G. puts in the Game-Winner in OT at the
Madison Square Garden. That was the initiation of the following 2 Game 17 of 18 shooting! Great performance and energy regaining after getting on the winning street again. Kevin more and more become the dominator again and most of the team follows him: Perk with outstanding blocks against J. O'Neil (but he must bettering his Free-throw-shooting) and Rondo does what he does BEST, running the floor all night long. Pierce anyhow is in great shape and much stronger than last season and all should be ready for the next title - BUT I still have negative thoughts about Sheed and a little bit Ray Allen.

Wallace didn't was the big impact he should be and thats only because of his bad work ethic - I hope he will increase his willing of getting another title and doing what you need to do for getting it. Or you can say a little bit more of this:
What is love? Love is playing every game if it's your last. (MJ)

just looked at Youtube and here you can see again K.G.'s game winner:

(thx to garnetttribute)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little bit disappointed...

Okay its just the beginning of the season, but what I've seen so far is, that the Celtics looses their best game against the very strong Suns. K.G. got an "in your face" Slam of Stoudamire, unable to answer this provocation - Amare poses the typical Garnett-pose "slam on his own breast" and definitely is the winner of this game, even though Garnetts good game... Okay, K.G. isn't 100%, but its just disappointing, watching your favorite Player getting screwed by such an arrogant guy like Amare is...

About the games they won: most of them were easy and the veterans rested in the 4th quarter, laughing and joking but I guess that will be change soon, you've seen it in the Suns-Game. I don't want to watch such terrible games like they played in New Jersey... Thats just the reason why I post the disgrace above.... (I hope he gives Amare an answer in the next game...)

BTW: The Suns impressed me - they had a tremendous road trip! *RESPECT* ... and the dunk on K.G. is maybe the answer of this one:
Kevin Garnett dunks on Amare (Feb 22, 2008) *LoL*

Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Season Start!

A very emotional Start by K.G., makes an impossible Shot against Shaq, who seems to be only good for 20 minutes. I guess the Cavs overrated him - he can not run the floor all night... The Bench of the Celts win the game I think - they heated up their offense in the second quarter and make it much easier for K.G. and co to do the rest. (Tribute to Sheed!) It was a very important game for Boston and at the end "The Truth" finished the job against Lebron.^^ I enjoyed the intensity of Garnett, going for the dunk against Shaq and falling down hard, but after it stands up heating his self up with the message in his face: I'm ready!! Thats what I missed at the end of the last season.

I also watched the second game (opener in the garden) against the Bobcats - an impressive defense performance of K.G. and Perk blocking the whole game and beat them in the third quarter - the worst game EVER for Charlotte, dropping only 59 points - But I think the Bobcats do a bad job bringing Chandler to this team and loosing Okafor for him... Looking forward to the Hornets-Game...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

C's on the way

Halftime in the pre-season. My short review:

  1. Sheed & Daniels will fit. A big "?" for Sheldon Williams! Sheed is a big impact for the celts!
  2. K.G. seems to be okay, he has already dunked a big one at training and says that the wings will come back.
  3. bad news: Sheed tweaks his ankle in last Nets-Game, but should be alright shortly.
  4. Rondo starts slow but its Pre-Season - I think he needs his time to play this new team.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

K.G. almost 100%

Good News at Media-Day. K.G. seems to be almost 100% recovered. I can't wait to see him playing again - looking forward to Wednesday next week, where the preseason starts at Houston...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SI interviews Rondo

He talks about, that he has gained strength and improved his skills through reaching a higher experience level. He is still learning but never shy about to voice his opinion. Every Man wants from him to increase his leadership - he accept that and wants to pay attention on it. He loves to skate and can imagine to play for another team but would love to stay in boston. At the end he says that the team, esp. the veterans need to stay healthy. Read the full article: Rondo retains confident style amid Boston roster filled with superstars

My opinion about Rondo: He is now one of the best PGs in the league and a big part on the floor - I hope he can handle Sheed and grows up to an all star - where a guy like him should be
. His major talent is rebounding the ball instead of only assisting other team players. I love watching his Highlight-Dunks and his fury flash walk to the Basket! I guess Danny is really happy to have him and will not trade him if there are no conflicts coming up next season. For me I love to see games where a guy makes a triple double - he is such a guy and thats the way how he impress me most! Go on Mr. Triple Double